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Why write? Very trivial question, according to many. In reality, before picking up a pen and paper, or opening a Word document, we must ask ourselves this nice question, why are we writing? From what do we take inspiration for our papers?

Is there something that happened and that spurs us to put it on paper?

Imagine getting up, one day, and having that particular desire that leads you to say: “Today we feel like writing”. Of course, many of you, maybe, will get up with other things in mind, like going for walks, shopping, or just lazing around all day. we will only consider those who want to write. Well, you got up, you did your things, you finished your commitments; now it’s time to give vent to the creative flair that accompanies you from the morning: writing. Sitting at a desk, or leaning against a boulder near a river, or even on a deserted beach, accompanied by a thin breeze, in any case you have the pen in your hand and a sheet in front. So you can ask the professional essay makers can you help me do my homework and then go with it accordingly.

What to do?

Many will start throwing down a draft, to write down their emotions, their thoughts on paper. Maybe they had a dream that they want to remember at all costs before they get away. Or, simply, they want to convey the feelings linked to a particular event, such as a candlelit dinner the previous evening.

The fulcrum is this:

Starting from an idea, which can arise within us, or be instilled by external elements, such as the theme of a competition or the observation of details around us? Of course, if we already have an idea, it will be easy to put it on paper; a little less easy, then, to outline something that comes close to a plot. More complicated if the desire to write is not accompanied by something but, simply, it is a desire. In that case, logically, one must make things clear within oneself and visualize a subject, and then elaborate it later.

Indeed, behind the question “why write?”

There is much more than it seems. Personally, we have always written, as a young girl. Unfortunately we have never published anything, either because of shyness, or because, after the first creative momentum, my plot has undergone such a negative involution to sink, leaving the story there, in a drawer, to catch dust.

We have always written because we like to put thoughts and emotions on paper, or remember past events; not surprisingly, we kept the famous secret diary complete with a padlock from about thirteen to twenty. we always wrote also because for me this represented an escape from reality, often a little too narrow: diving, slinging and, yes, even hiding, in a story of my own helped me a lot to forget what we had around me. Now we write simply because we like it. Sooner or later we will take courage and skip the bank, deciding to publish something.


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