The Essence of Logical Order


No matter what kind of work the author writes he is expected to express his/her thoughts logically and subsequently. This will enable the audience to perceive and understand the thoughts and ideas of the writer. This will mean the high quality and relevance of the paperwork.

Specific and General Ideas

The essence of logical order means expressing general ideas and supporting them with specific ones. This means you need to start with a general thought, perceivable to the reader to catch his\her attention and then provide specific examples and explanations to go deeper into the topic. This will allow you to reveal the sense of the topic and supply the logical layout of the paperwork in general.

Thesis Statement and Logical Order

The thesis statement is the core idea of the work. It comes in the introductory paragraph to prepare the reader and attract him/her to the topic. The thesis statement must be supplemented with a logical arrangement of further thoughts. This means the thesis statement is followed with ideas along with explanations one by one in subsequent passages to support the core idea and reveal the essence of the topic in full.

Logical Order Significance

Logical order principle is a vital part of any paperwork and provide it with the following benefits:

  • Quality – the overall quality is increased by the logical order since it makes the work relevant and attractive to read.
  • Consistency – logical order allows you to express your thoughts subsequently in a smooth flow connecting one idea with the next one.
  • Understanding – logically arranged ideas and explanations adds to the understanding of the text and significance of the topic in general


Logical order is an inevitable principle of any paperwork, which enables author to express his ideas and thoughts clearly and consistently, while the reader can perceive and understand the core idea and its essence with ease.

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