Reasons why vaping is healthier than smoking – Should you opt for the switch?


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It is an undisputable fact that tobacco cigarettes can kill you and they cause cancer and other cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. As per records from Daily Mail, 20.4% of the UK population still smoke traditional cigarettes though there are huge loads of population that are trying their best to give up their obnoxious habit. If you didn’t know this, vaping has become extremely popular and what are the reasons that are being considered behind choosing vaping instead of smoking?

If you want to get more information on vaping against smoking, you can read the loads of information that you find on the internet. Here are few reasons that you can keep in mind if you wish to switch from smoking to vaping.

  • Smoking causes cancer and kills

The Independent published a post in the year 2013 and 1 billion people throughout the world will die in this century due to their habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes. There are several health conditions like lung cancer, heart disease and strokes which are caused due to tobacco.

  • Passive smoking can also be dangerous

Are you a passive smoker? Do you live in with an active smoker who continuously smokes in front of you and do you inhale the smoke? If you do this, the poison of the smoke will still affect you. The tobacco smoke that the smoker exhales is full of poison and if you inhale this smoke, this will have a similarly bad impact on your health. There are several adults and children who develop lung cancer due to passive smoking.

  • Vaping allows you to withdraw from smoke in small stages

Whenever you introduce yourself to vaping, you tend to reduce the consumption of nicotine in different stages. To begin with, you may try out a high dose but eventually as there is an increase in your will power and determination, you will gradually get habituated with vaping. This can even reduce the intake of nicotine through electronic cigarettes.

  • Vaping is not dangerous for children

Babies and small children usually suffer from several issues which result from the inhalation of the smoke which comes from tobacco. They have small lungs and they should never be exposed to the toxic tobacco. Hence vaping is also safer for the children and kids who are around you.

So, now are you convinced about the fact that vaping is far better than smoking tobacco cigarettes? If yes, get yourself a vape pen and bid goodbye to smoking.

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