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When you think of clothes, do you think of the luxurious thread that intertwines every single piece of fabric on those everyday mom jeans that you are wearing? How about the vibrant purple of the sweater that has warmed up your heart during the toughest moments in your life? Or the time you went on your first date as a teenager in those wedged heels that you swear you’ll never give away? Kevin Sheehan believes that the power of fashion is in the story that it tells. It’s not simply about the cost of these designer pumps or that exclusive handbag, but about the power to allow others to relate to your brand.

Build A Human Connection

Sheehan’s Business Consultants have a few high-end fashion brands as clients, and thus have been completely enthralled with the world of fashion marketing. They’ve noticed that one of the keenest ways to get a hold of potential customers is through the human connection. Advertising your products not for what they are, but for what they mean, is how any single brand can connect with millions of people.

Showcase Your Target Audience

A fashion brand is not meant to relate to everyone. For instance, if your brand is in the fast-fashion category that sells primarily to teenagers, then think of the heartbreaks, first loves, school studies, athletic extracurriculars and friendships that mould a teenager’s life together. Put yourself in their shoes, and literally wear their shoes while you’re promoting them in a campaign. Through television ads and social media video campaigns, portray the everyday life of a free teenager who studies hard to pass their algebra exam, or forms close bonds with other boys or girls in their class. You can even follow through with your customer’s favorite backpack or jeans by the brand, something that is a no-brainer go-to for them. Follow them throughout a normal day at school, where they arrive and hug their friends hello, study hard in class and raise their hands when the teacher calls on them, perhaps goes through a heartbreak when they see their same friends bullying them at lunch—not wanting them to sit in the cafeteria with them. This is where Sheehan considers bringing in awareness not only for the fashion brand, but for a charitable organization such as one that is against bullying. Perhaps for that month only, upon the purchase of one specific pink t-shirt or sweater will donate to the cause.

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