The Joy In Travelling Alone


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Several studies have clearly portrayed the fact that money and material possessions do not provide happiness. When then would ask ourselves; what does make us happy? Is it the fact that we are debt free and do not owe anyone? Could it be the simple fact we have accumulated a certain amount of resources? The reasons are numerous but in all things we can say that travelling gives us a great sense of satisfaction as we get to escape into the unknown and venture into a completely new world. Nadine Gourkow has a lot of experience with travelling as she travels on a regular basis for work, leisure or for family reasons. Bellow are some basic reasons as to why a person would consider travelling to be the one reason that brings joy.

The change of scenery

Elsewhere, we lose our bearings and our habits. Elsewhere, we are no longer tempted by the same vicious cycles and can more easily adopt new daily actions that correspond to us more. These good resolutions could even be conscious decisions such as quitting smoking or anything spontaneous, such as approaching strangers, practicing a new language, trying out new experiences and more.Thinking outside box and looking at situations with a different perspective means getting out of your comfort zone: that is usually where the magic happens.

To leave one’s life, especially when one travels out of Western countries, is also to become aware of the place of technological progress in our life. Whether Internet and social networks or access to drinking water, the pleasure of a hot shower or the comfort of clean toilets. Changing clothing and changing regular ways of behaviour.

The change of pace

Out of our metro / job / sleep routine, we are free to familiarize ourselves with our indoor clock and with a new rhythm of life: that of the country we visit. And while our relationship to ourselves is surely the prime factor in accessing happiness, our relationship to time is just in second place. When traveling, we have the opportunity to take the time to do things at a slower or at a different mode all together. More shows, more goals, more imperatives, if not the one to have a good time! By changing the rhythm, we change our perspective on oneself and the world: we learn to marvel at the birds singing in the early morning, the breeze that refreshes in the afternoon and colors that change at the end of the day.

Nadine has a lot of experience when it comes to implementing these types of changes to her life.


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