5 Reasons You Should Move to Phoenix


Just because it’s time for a change doesn’t mean you should move to the next closest city and call it a day. There needs to be much more thought that goes into it than that when thinking about where you’d like to settle down next. Questions like “What makes me happy?”, “Where is it going to be affordable?”, and “What kind of climate do I want to be in?” are going to be at the top of your mind until you are nice and settled into somewhere new. 

While there’s no one perfect place for all of us, somewhere everyone should at least consider moving to is Phoenix, whether that’s across the country or just a few hours away. If you don’t have the slightest clue as to what the locals might love about it, here’s what makes Phoenix so great.

The Weather

If you are coming to the eastern part of the country, you’ll finally be able to kiss all that snow good-bye. Trust me, after one winter without worrying about snow on the sidewalk or ice on the road, you won’t miss it at all. There’s going to be plenty of days with temperatures in the 100s but try not to be too intimidated by the number. It’ll be a dry heat so the humidity that plagues most of the country will be nowhere to near you. 

Plenty Of Jobs

There’s multiple Fortune 500 companies located right in the city so if that big corporate job has always been a dream, don’t feel like it can’t happen right here in Phoenix. If that doesn’t feel like the fit you see yourself in, the city has also become a beacon for small businesses and startups.

A Low Cost Of Living

The average cost of living here in Phoenix is lower than most of the state, and even most of the country. Houses for rent in Phoenix will be much lower than what you’d be familiar with if you are coming from another comparable city with an average one to two bedroom apartment running between $1,300 to $1,700 per month here.

Endless Nature

While there’s fun to be had in the city itself, there’s also some must-see nature in the greater Phoenix area. Throughout the local deserts and mountains, there are great places to hike or go mountain biking like Camelback Mountain. There’s always the option to just float down the Salt River in a tube and on the right day, that’ll be all you need. 

It’s Perfectly Located

There’s so much going on in the city and the surrounding area that there will rarely be something you’ll have to leave for but it’s still nice to get out of town every once in a while. When the moment strikes, you’ll obviously be close to the other cities in Arizona like Flagstaff and Sedona, both of which you’d be able to get to in around 2 hours. Who could also forget about the likes of Las Vegas and Lake Mead which are also no more than a few hours away. 

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