Tactics for dealing with impressively picky wedding flower customers


On average, newly wedded couples allocate a huge sum of money to cover the cost of their wedding flowers. It may seem like a lot of money to spend on flowers for a wedding, but couples often find that the ideas they find on social media wedding boards, which often include elaborate but pricey arrangements, are too expensive for their budget. There are also wealthy couples who are so picky that they drive a single wedding flower delivery Penang to distraction by wanting a different drink each time she brings it out. There might be rare situations when you might have to deal with a very difficult customer that expects immediate attention, has an outrageously high budget, or has excessive expectations and causes exceeded. In this case, what advice would you provide a florist? These people can’t be worth your time, right? There are plenty of other wedding florists out there, so it’s to your advantage to book up in advance and turn away potential customers. Here are some suggestions for dealing with picky brides who order wedding flowers from you.

Establish proper authority

In our weekly conversations with hundreds of full-service/wedding florists, the one constant refrain is how frightening and challenging wedding customers can be. And other flower shops have gone so far as to suggest that dealing with difficult customers isn’t worth the stress and lost sleep. Unfortunately, self-doubt sets in when a wedding customer begins getting in your brain, raising the possibility of blunders. Florists that make it big in the wedding industry know their value and can be stern with their customers without losing their cool. Let’s put it this way: the couples planning their weddings are meeting with you to accomplish a purpose; this presents you with the chance to influence their decision in your favor by demonstrating your floral design expertise and breadth of knowledge.

  • Never doubt your skills as a floral designer for a wedding.
  • Be Open and Honest
  • The key is to realize your value.
  • Maintain a level of professionalism that includes being firm.
  • Try to improve your listening skills.
  • Give reasons for the feasibility or impossibility of each scenario.

Keep organized

Being confident in your wedding flower company comes from keeping everything in its proper place. Florists that specialize in weddings, or even those who do so very occasionally, might benefit from using wedding floral software. You may better explain the wedding client’s concept and safeguard your florist Kota Damansara with the aid of wedding floral software. The procedure entails keeping detailed notes of all interactions with customers and outlining their respective responsibilities.

Let’s face it: some couples who have just become engaged are going through a roller coaster of emotions. Due to the stress of preparing for their wedding, they might say things that they don’t recall or behave in a way that is out of character for them. You, as the wedding floral expert, are responsible for maintaining order and cleanliness throughout the space.

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