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Technology has become part of everyday life, in fact many of us consumers have become so reliant on technology that we cannot live our lives without it whether that be through our smartphones, or even laptops and/or computers to work on. Although owning a laptop and smartphones are the staple essential bit of technology to get about our everyday life, we thought we’d investigate some of the other must-have technology that can improve everyday lifestyle – some of which can be found below. 

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 Smartwatches have been on the market now for nearly a decade, and although their popularity wasn’t as high as expected when first released, they have certainly made-up ground for this now as we cannot seem to walk down the high-street now without noticing someone with some form of smart watch. Smartwatches have become the perfect extension of a smartphone and have ensured that we can keep our screen time down as we can now receive all our notifications on our wrist and by keeping our smartwatches in our pockets. Not only that, but smartwatches have also become the perfect personal trainers for consumers as many of us are now just purchasing smartwatches due to the health and fitness benefits that they pose to us consumers. They have a wide range of different indicators that can track your heart rate and calories burnt throughout the day, as well as a whole host of pre-loaded workouts in which you can choose from to follow whilst training.

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Moreover, another bit of must have technology that can certainly change your everyday lifestyle is that of the voice activated smart speaker. Due to the popularity of this market now, in which we are seeing a whole host of variants on the market for consumers to choose from. Not only do smart speakers act as voice-activated in which you can play your favourite songs and playlists through, but smart speakers can now act as a personal assistant in which you can set reminders for all your important meetings, get the weather report, ask posing questions in which you, set alarms to wake up and many more features which have ensured that these are must have devices. 

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