10 Marvellous Marketing Materials to Promote Your Company


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Marketing is forever in need of good marketing materials that can propel it up the ladder of success. Digital media might have invaded the marketing scene but the print is definitely not out. Print marketing materials are still in demand as they offer the tactile element in marketing and assure you of instant response. Here are some marketing materials that are both marvellous and functional in promoting your company’s success.

Marvellous marketing materials

Integrate these print marketing materials into your marketing campaign wherever possible and watch them boost up your ROI definitely.

  1. Business cards

A business card is the easiest, economical and most effective brand ambassador you can get. Yes, it speaks volumes about your company. Small in size but large in impact, the right business card can boost your company’s image in minutes. Business cards are often used as a means of introduction during meetings and serve as excellent conversation starters. They go a long way in cementing business relationships and forging new associations.

Make sure your marketing team always has business cards to hand out to prospective clients and customers. A shortfall of business cards makes you cut a sorry figure which your company cannot afford. So get your business cards printed in plenty and watch them do marvellous marketing for you.

  1. Envelopes

One look at the majestic envelope should make the person want to see what is inside. This is how envelopes should be printed. Yes, envelopes make excellent marketing materials as they not only carry the company credentials but also speak of the professionalism of the company.  The quality of paper, the printing resolution, the colour rendition, the logo design- all these speak of your company’s attention to details. This is why utmost care is taken while printing envelopes

Envelopes are always needed to mail or courier the company’s correspondence. So stock them in plenty to get extra mileage from them as marketing materials.


Letterheads bear the official correspondence from the company. So they are designed professionally and aesthetically keeping the company’s stature in mind. Your branded letterheads are one way of impressing your customers and they do it well.

  1. Presentation Folders

Interaction with clients at meetings is crucial to the business. It is not so professional to hand them a bunch         of papers- quotations, price lists, catalogues, product specifications etc. Instead, enclosing them in a neat presentation folder branded with your company logo and a message will really impress your clientele.

Presentation folders make excellent marketing tools as they are used for long even after the meetings and tend to attract the attention of others at conferences and events. Employees also feel motivated when they carry such branded marketing materials as they reinforce the company and the brand’s value.

  1. Company brochures

You want your customers and clients to know more about your company and the best way to do that is to hand them a company brochure. This brochure is a small booklet that talks about the company, its history, mission, objectives, infrastructure, corporate standing etc. Company brochures are the best marketing materials at events like corporate meetings, seminars, trade fairs and exhibitions as they give a detailed overview in a snapshot view. Furthermore, they carry bright visuals of your company that establish its integrity and enhance its esteem. They can be read even later by clients and passed on to others.

  1. 6. Catalogs

Most businesses have a website but who has the time to go and search there? Instead, give your client a product catalog and capture his attention then and there. Catalogs are great for marketing as they have longer shelf-life and are used for repeat referencing. Moreover, they offer instant upfront information without the need to search or scan and are hence preferred by customers.

  1. Product data sheets

A product catalog gives you an overview of the product details, features and maybe its dimensions. But a product data sheet is more technical and offers you the detailed specifications of the product like voltage and current rating, power consumption, efficiency ratios etc. Product datasheets are a must for all technical products.

Make the product data sheets vibrant and vivid with product images to maximize their marketing value.

  1. Case studies

Case studies in printed form serve as a way to convince the customer of your earlier successes. Print them attractively to give them that extra edge for marketing.

  1. Cards- thank you cards and direct mailers

Every marketing campaign must include direct mailer cards to reach the customer and thank you cards to   acknowledge their feedback. Use these cards as your best chance at marketing by designing them innovatively.

  1. Newsletters

Some companies print quarterly newsletters to inform customers of their progress and this is one excellent way of marketing. Newsletters create a strong bond with customers that is sustained for future use.

Marketing materials must be designed and printed to perfection with excellent colour rendition and image resolution. Printed marketing materials are the first-hand proof of your Company’s stature and professionalism. So invest extra time in getting these marketing materials designed form experts to get the best ROI from them.

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