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Popular types of interior design styles explained


Planning to decorate your newly brought house and seeking some design inspiration? There are lot of interior decoration styles available in the market and it’s important to understand the core purpose of each one.

Modern, contemporary, industrial, and more! The main problem that home owners face is the lack of understanding regarding the interior design style. The better they understand, better they can define their personal design style. With a range of exclusive styles, it can be difficult to determine what design to choose or what works the best for your home.

Below inspirational design styles help you to create ideal look for your house interior.

Mid-century style

The mid-century has given us some of the iconic pieces that can be blended with our modern design aspect as well. The mid-1900s style is characterized by natural shapes, minimalist silhouettes, and refined lines. The mid-century masters have created methods to utilize new materials, such as aluminium, plywood, and moulded plastic in industrial design as well. The highly versatile style can complement a range of other design elements, offering a nostalgic look.


Became quite popular in the 90s in North America, the industrial interior design comes in a mix of neutrals, gray & rustic colours. Instead of removing or hiding up all the loose ends of the space like electrical wires, exposed pipes, brick walls and then constructing interior walls, makers have developed a huge open units protecting the walls, pipes, and old floor, resulting in an resulting house designed look.


The nautical themed house’s style includes light shades with splashes of bright shades, along with nautical accessories like dark wood, rope that creates the beach style look. If you’re fond of such theme, then you should opt for style that use abundance of sand-coloured, blue, and white foundations along with wooden furniture.


Bohemian is a trendy style not only in fashion, but also home desings. It captures the adventurous and carefree spirit of the avant-garde style. The layer on the textiles, such as tapestry, rugs, pillows, etc allows a warm ambience. You need to carefully present this purposefully-made messy look. It features innovative blend of vibrant colours (purple or red shades) and rich patterns, and metallic accents.

Urban Modern

Originated from the modern designer lofts, the urban interior design takes its cues from cosmopolitan environment. The edgy experimental looks, ethnic heirlooms and minimalist modern designs all form a 21st-century setting. The modern furniture designs blended with other decorative access, such as end tables, mirrors, and pillows, etc often creates an artistic expression.

home decor wall art :

From the start, it ought to be noted that “modern” and “contemporary” have 2 totally different interior designs. The trendy interior style vogue is outlined by clean and easy colour schemes, hospitable feel, clean individual components, in addition to high use of glass and steel and far-required lateral replacements in historical times. Black and white dominate the colour palette, with some faint reminders of blue, red and alternative main colours.

We talked concerning modern interior style vogue, which mixes style designs from totally different eras, trendy style vogue from a precise amount – the dawn of the twentieth century. This vogue is nonmoving in German and Scandinavian style designs and designs. it’s concerning logic and follows and therefore the paintings and sculptures are unit elite consequently. It’s concerned with logic and follows and therefore the paintings and sculptures are unit elite consequently.The designer’s focus is on the method and not on the shape. Living areas with open terrace plan area units designed in an exceedingly minimalist manner.It focuses on volume colours and first colours with modern art in contrastive colours


Taken its cues from Nordic country’ lifestyle, this design uses beautiful work of art that marks the characteristic of the mountains, snows found in those nations. It uses fewer accessories and minimal furniture given on bigger space, allowing natural light flowing in. Scandinavian designs are known to be straightforward, practical, and modern.

Look for some of the inspiration home interior designs that great sources for furnishings, which fit the modern trend.

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