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Few Types of Valves Used in Plumbing


Under-sink shutoff valves, likewise, called fixture shutoffs or stop shutoffs, allow you to switch off the water to the sink, or other components, without needing to utilize the home’s major shutoff. These inexpensive little valves rarely get used, and when they do, occasionally they leak, and you need to do leaky pipe repair. If this happens to you, you can merely change the shutoff with a new valve that matches the old one. Identifying which type of valve you have, is a good initial step in replacing it.

Below are the sorts of shutoff valves to assist you to determine what you have under your sink.


  • Straight Shutoff Valve


Straight valves are typically discovered when the water supply pipeline shows up from below the closet or flooring. The component supply tube links to the top of the valve in the same line as the supply pipeline. The straight valve’s handle is located at the center of the valve, between the inlet as well as electrical outlet ports.


  • Angle Stop Shutoff


Angle stop valves are usually used when the water line comes out from the wall as well as the outlet side of the valve will be perpendicular to the inlet side. The handle of an angle stop shutoff is alongside the wall as well as normally faces the front for easy access.


  • Three-Way Stop Valve


Three-way stop valves have an inlet as well as two outlets. These are usually seen under cooking area sinks, where they are utilized to feed both the warm faucet of the faucet as well as the dishwashing machine. Three-way stops can be available in a couple of various arrangements. Some are cross-shaped as well as have the two outlet ports encountering opposite instructions, some have electrical outlets in an “L” configuration, as well as some have electrical outlets in a “Y” configuration.


  • Compression Shutoff Valve


Compression shutoffs are most frequently utilized to install a shutoff valve on a rigid copper pipe. This kind of shutoff has a trophy, called a ferrule, as well as a compression nut that presses the ferrule right into the pipeline connection to make a water-tight seal.

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