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Marble Flooring & Its Appealing Aesthetics


When renovating the house, you need to think about everything, such as furniture, decorative objects, curtains and floors. The floor is the face of your home. It should contain your taste, style and also be practical for your daily routine.

Therefore, it deserves a lot of attention not only in the aesthetic factor but for the material you choose. When we talk about the living room and home floors, the marble flooring option remains as a popular favourite for many homeowners.

More Information About Marble Flooring

If you do not know where to start when choosing your marble floor, know that there are several types of marble. They come in different tones and colours, so it is super easy for you to find one that matches your decor and makes you fall in love.

If you want to know everything about the marble floor and how to choose the most suitable for you, check out the tips in Homees.co marble flooring guide https://www.homees.co/articles/all-about-marble-flooring/ for more details.

Marble Floor in the Room: Elegance and Simplicity

Choosing a floor for the home is a decision that requires a lot of care and patience, after all, it will stay in the place for a while. So, when choosing your flooring option, be sure to choose one which you will no regret for years to come. Do not make decisions based on the spur of the moment. The marble and granite options are very famous in this regard for their practicality and also for the different mosaics options.

Marble is a noble stone and has a perfect finish, with fine grout and is super elegant. The marble floor in the room brings a graceful and sophisticated touch to the environment. Besides, it has many advantages, such as, for example, being a type of tiled floor widely used in regions with hot climates – in addition to being easy to keep clean, which makes it much easier to clean daily. Choose between darker or lighter marble floor colours according to your home decor. Consider purchasing a marble floor with a non-slip treatment, so you can modulate each piece to the size you want.

How to Choose the Perfect Marble Floor

When choosing marble flooring for your home, it is important to think about what you want to convey in your home interior design. There are several types of marble floors with many different shades. So, when choosing your marble floor, think about the tones you want for the place. Some common types of marbles are as follow

  • Marble floors in yellowish,reddish and brown tones are used to bring warmth and a feeling of fraternisation. So it is widely used in places such as restaurants, living rooms and dining rooms.
  • Light marble flooring gives the feeling of cleanliness and helps to brighten even more environments with low light. It is widely used in entrance halls, bathrooms, laundries and kitchens.
  • Marble floors in cool tones serve for relaxing environments. Greenish tones are great for doctor’s offices, rooms and libraries, to help with creating a soothing experience.

Marble floors in a dark tone such as black or earthy brown are suitable for large environments. This way, the environment is enlarged and super luxurious. But it is good to balance the decor with lighter furniture so as not to create a sensory overload.

Now that you know everything about the marble floor, you can choose what you think is the most beautiful for your home!


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