3 Ways To Come Up With Money in a Pinch


Even those who carefully budget their money may find themselves in situations where they cannot cover an emergency expense. If you find yourself short of money when a time-sensitive bill arises, consider a few things you can do to obtain funds quickly.

  1. Cash Advances 

Cash advances are a type of loan offered by banks, credit cards and other lenders. These loans often come with high interest rates, but they also allow you to borrow money right away even if you have suboptimal credit. One example of a cash advance is a payday loan. This type of loan may suit your situation if the amount you need to borrow can be covered by your next paycheck. If this is the case, consider looking for a nearby cash advance lender Mississippi.

  1. Sell Unneeded Personal Items

Another way to come up with cash in a short period of time is to sell things around your house that you no longer use. These items could include anything from clothing and jewelry to books and furniture. You may be able to sell some valuables to a pawn shop, while other items you could try selling on an online platform. If you don’t have many things of your own that you can sell, you could even try looking for free items online that you can resell.

  1. Find Flexible Work

A final method of bulking up your savings quickly is to supplement your current income. If you already have a full-time job, it may be difficult to work another consistent gig into your schedule. Try looking for employment that enables you to work at irregular times. These sorts of jobs may including walking dogs, doing freelance work or driving for a rideshare service.

Sometimes it is simply not possible to prepare for every possible future expense. When you find yourself in a financial pinch, consider borrowing money, selling nonessential possessions or finding additional work.


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