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How to Choose a Storage Unit


When you need storage in Orange County, you have a lot of decisions to make. Storage units come in a wide variety of sizes. Not only that, but storage units also have some features that make it hard to choose which storage unit to rent. Here are some of the many choices you have when it come to choosing a storage unit that will best serve your needs.


Choosing the right size of a storage unit is very important. You don’t want to arrive with all your things to store, only to discover that your storage unit is too small to hold everything. You also don’t want to rent an unnecessarily large storage unit with lots of unused space. Talk to your storage space salesperson ahead of time and tell them how much you plan to store. They have experience with this, and they can advise you as to what size space to rent.


If you’re storing delicate items that might be damaged in extreme temperatures, you might want to pay a little extra to get a climate-controlled storage unit. Items that could be affected by extreme temperatures include musical items, photo albums, artwork, and so on.

Ground Floor

If you have a lot of heavy things that need to be stored, a ground floor unit might be best suited for your needs. It’s easier to store heavier items on the ground floor because you don’t need to carry them as far from your vehicle.

Outside Access

Another convenient feature that you might like for your storage unit is outside access. With this, you can simply back up your truck, pull out the ramp and load right into the unit; no walking required. This type of unit is also ideal if you’re storing vehicles in the unit, like a small car, motorcycle or ATV.

24-Hour Access

The last thing you want with your storage unit is to not be able to get to your things when you need them. You may not need 24/7 access, but you might like to know that you can get to your storage unit on weekends or at night. Talk to the storage unit representative about the access hours so you can be sure the unit will suit your needs.


Finally, be sure that the storage unit is in a secure area, where you can be certain your possessions will be safe from theft. Look for lights in the parking lot or a fenced in perimeter.

When you choose the right storage unit, it can offer a very convenient way to store items you can’t have in your home due to space constrictions. Use these tips to choose the best storage unit for your needs.

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