The powerful in-built image editor in Mac


MacBook is a very high-end premium device, manufactured and sold by Apple Inc. In 2006 MacBook was the best-selling laptop for consecutively five months in US retail shops. MacBook is also the best-selling Macintosh ever.

Top features of MacBook Pro

There are so much amazing features that MacBook Pro offers its users. It will be so hard to compile all its amazing features in one place. So, here is a list of top features which Apple’s MacBook Pro offers:

Installation of Third-Generation Keyboard

MacBook Pro’s keypad has a new silicone membrane which was found by iFixit, under each keycap.  This will help its users to type even more quietly and gives much more durability to the keypad.

Power of Faster Processors

MacBook pro started using six-core and quad-core processors which gives a huge boost to its performance and processing as compared to others.

Connect using Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth 5 enables you to transfer data at even longer range. This range can go up to 800 feet in a perfect environment. Bluetooth 5 also provides you with double the bandwidth in close range which is up to 2Mbps.

Upgraded Base VRAM

The standard base amount of VRAM is set to 4GB which will help video editors and professionals to save some money.

In-built Photo Editor

There are many editors available for Mac but what most don’t know is that Mac comes with an in-built photo editor. It is a very powerful and easy to use photo editor as compared to most of the professional editors available.

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Upgraded RAM Capacity

The RAM capacity of Mac has been upgraded from 16GB to 32GB, and also DDR4 RAM is used instead of LPDDR3.

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