How to Distinguish Between a Real and Fake Rolex


One of the most important and renowned watch companies in the world is none other than Rolex. The sheer number of watches the company sells every year is a testament to their popularity and quality. A Rolex is not just considered a watch; it is regarded as a status symbol and owning one can bring a lot of joy to many. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise to know that these luxury timepieces are in huge demand. However, this demand has also paved the way for a booming counterfeit market and buyers are often tricked into handing their money for a fake Rolex, all the while believing it is authentic.

Rolex watches are one of the most coveted luxury products in the world. If you have decided to invest in one, you need to know how to distinguish between a real and a fake Rolex in order to ensure you don’t waste money. How to tell if a Rolex is real? Here are some ways this can be done:

  • Serial and model number stamping

The serial and model numbers on an authentic Rolex watch are perfectly marked in very fine and solid lines and are also deep. In fact, at an angle, these glow in the light like a diamond cut edge. In contrast, the numbers on a replica or fake watch have a low quality marking process so they are made up of faint tiny dots. In some cases, the numbers on fake watches also have a sandy-like appearance because they are acid-etched.

  • Stampings

There are different grades of counterfeit watches available and the low quality ones don’t even have the Rolex name or their well-recognized crown logo on the watch. This is a clear giveaway that you are dealing with a fake piece.

  • Movement

The movement powering a Rolex is an excellent example of quality watchmaking skill. The dedication, craftsmanship, precision and knowledge that’s put into every genuine and unique caliber bona fide movement cannot be matched by a fake one because the original has Rolex engraved on it, something that can be seen if you open the watch.

  • Dial

An original Rolex has a perfect dial so if there are any inconsistent spaces between the letterings, uneven fonts, misspellings or smudges on the watch, then it is not authentic.

  • Cyclops

In Rolex terms, the Cyclops refers to the magnifying lens on the face of the watch, which is above the date window. If the timepiece is genuine, the Cyclops is convex and the date is magnified 2.5 times so it can be read easily. Take a look at the watch you are considering. If the date is not magnified and the magnification lens is flat, then it is just a forgery.

  • Weight

As Rolex watches are manufactured exclusively from the finest materials, a genuine one carries some weight. A counterfeit watch feels flimsy and lighter because of cheap manufacturing materials. Check the heft of the watch to know if you are dealing with a counterfeit.

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