Sling bags are here, let’s wear them


You may be a college student, a businessman or someone who wants to leave an impression at your job, sling bags are for one and all.  A sling bag is generally a bag with one strap, worn around the torso.  Sling bags are back in fashion and can add to your look in a significant way.  They sometimes are also called messenger bags, but the critical difference between the two is that while the messenger is worn on the lower back, sling bags are worn more forward, on the hip.

Sling bags are gender neutral and can be sported by both males and females alike.  For women, it allows them to combine the features of a backpack and handbags online, bringing in versatility and adding glamour to the outfit.  In the case of men, it can be flaunted with a pair of denims or even with a suit, if you want to be the next Mike Ross and impress Rachel at your workplace.

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It is not necessary to match a sling bag with the entire outfit, but it should be tried to keep the tones complimentary.  If the sling bag matches with any part of the entire attire, or especially with your shoes, it’s a Go.  In general, sling bags go along with all sorts of footwear, depending on the kind of look you want to pull:

  • In winters, you can match the sling bag with a pair of boots and a sweater.
  • For the weekend look for females, a pair of denim and a T-shirt can be flaunted with the sling bag
  • Heading to office? Suit up, lace your shoes and flaunt a brown/black sling bag to keep your laptop and files uptight.

While sporting a sling bag, it should be taken care that a lot of stuff is not put in the bag so that the weight of the bag increases.  Since it is carried on one shoulder unlike a backpack, they should not be burdensome.


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