Here’s How You Stack Your Supplements


Stacking of steroids is not a new subject. It is a process of using more than one steroid compound or supplement as a part of the cycle. It has been well established and studied that stacking of steroids in the cycle’s yields better results than using a single drug. However, the stacking of different compounds and the duration of a cycle longevity is dependent on the goal of the user. It depends on his/her prior experience with the steroids and the type or nature of the compounds.

There are about 22 different types of synthetic steroids in the market that are most commonly used for stacking. Stacking is done based on the desirable goal of the user. Some steroids offer to build muscles while some others increase strength in the user. Some steroids are also known to favor the process of weight loss. While testosterone finds an important place in most of the stacks, examples of trenbolone stacks are not less either. These steroid stacks also include other components in the mixture that are non-anabolic in nature. It only works to enhance or sometimes prevent the side-effects.

Stacking for beginners

People do not start using stacks Straight away.It only comes later with extended exposure to synthetic supplements. Beginners specifically have a different cycle to follow altogether. It is highly recommended that beginners only use testosterone for their cycle. They need to check if their bodies respond or not positively to synthetic testosterone. Furthermore, if people directly start using a cocktail of steroids and develop side-effects, they will be unable to detect which particular compound is actually unsuitable for them.

The body has an innate mechanism to regulate the production of testosterone. Testes stop the production automatically when there are enough amount of the hormone present in the body. The same should be kept in mind while stacking drugs for steroid cycles. Continuous and excessive use may render the testes nonfunctional and in some cases results in their atrophy. It is desirable that the steroid cycles should be kept short with intermittent off cycles in order to give time for replenishment.

How safe is steroid stacking?

The safety associated with steroid stacking is not very well studied owing to the diverse stacking option used. While stacking shows visibly stronger and pronounced results in the competitive bodybuilders, at the same time it is not a necessary practice by the occasional users. The greatest disadvantage linked to steroid cocktail is that every component adds its own side-effects in the long run which is almost impossible to differentiate.

Trenbolone stacks

The examples of trenbolone stacks are many just like other steroids. But the continuous popularity does not rule out the fact that it’s a veterinary drug with high androgenic effects. The cocktail includes few drugs that help to reduce the high androgenic properties and helps deliver an optimum function for increasing muscle mass and strength. However, the common side effects like gynecomastia, liver toxicity, heart disorders and headaches are persistent among all users. The symptoms cannot be retracted completely but the correct dosage and cycle can help minimize the same for better results.


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