The Different Addiction Treatment Options in Houston Drug Rehabs and Their Average Length of Stay


Finding out how long someone should stay in drug rehab can be difficult. Getting the right amount of help is crucial for recovering addicts who want to lead productive lives again. The question is, “How long is enough?”

Mallard Lake Detox Center is a drug rehab in Houston, Texas, that offers a wide range of options for those struggling with substance abuse. Call Mallard Lake Detox Center if you or a beloved one needs help getting into drug rehab.

Different Addiction Treatment Options in Houston Drug Rehabs and Their Average Length of Stay

Recovering from addiction may take a while. The average duration for various types of addiction treatment options is as follows:

  • Detoxification.

Detox is the common starting point for addiction therapy. The term refers to the method used to eliminate alcoholic and drug substances from the body. A detox process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Detoxification programs often require patients to check in for between three and seven days.

  • Inpatient treatment.

As a kind of addiction therapy, inpatient rehabilitation entails staying at a facility for the duration of one’s stay. This alternative is ideal for those who need extensive addiction help. Depending on the severity of the patient’s condition, the usual duration of stay in an inpatient rehabilitation program ranges from 30 to 90 days.

  • Outpatient treatment.

Addiction can be treated in a number of ways, one of which is via outpatient rehabilitation, in which patients live in their own homes while attending therapy sessions. Patients with family and friends who can help them through this process and manage their addictions without constant monitoring can benefit greatly from this approach. Three to six months is the standard time spent in an outpatient rehabilitation program.

  • Intense Outpatient Treatment Programs (IOP).

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) entails attending therapy sessions and getting treatment multiple times a week while living at home. As the name suggests, it’s a more extensive version of outpatient treatment. Three to six months is the normal duration of IOPs.

  • Sober living homes.

A sober living home is a kind of a facility that offers a safe and sober atmosphere for those working on their sobriety. Those who have graduated from a more intensive treatment program but need some help adjusting to daily life can consider this option. The average duration of sober living programs is 6-12 months.

Join Mallard Lake Detox Center Now and Enjoy Our Premier Addiction Treatment Services.

All things considered, everyone requires a varied amount of time spent on drug treatment. Talking to your doctor or a treatment expert is the best method to figure out how long you’ll need to be in therapy. A personalized treatment plan will be developed with their assistance for you or a loved one. Many different treatment options are available at Mallard Lake Detox Center, a residential drug rehab facility in Houston, Texas. By tailoring our addiction treatment to each patient’s needs, we are able to effectively treat both the addiction and any accompanying mental health problem. Do not delay seeking addiction treatment if you or a loved one is experiencing addiction problems. Contact Mallard Lake Detox Center and get started on addiction recovery.

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