Points To Ensure When Preparing Your Child Got Primary School


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The idea of preparing the child for primary school marks the indirect beginning of his educational career. Primary school is considered as the start of the formal education system for the children. It can bring in a great shift in the basic habits for both, the kid as well as the parent. So, as responsible parents, you need to ensure that your child knows enough to deal with the educational pressure of his formal education.

Well, you are planning to prepare child for primary school and do not exactly know where you start, here is a perfect article for you. Here is the list of things which you need to ensure teaching your child so that he can excel and get admitted easily in the primary classes.

  • He should know the English alphabet well. The student needs to have the potential to distinguish and recognize the alphabets of both upper and lower case properly.
  • He should know the sounds of the alphabet of both upper case and lower letters.
  • He should have a clear idea of when to use and what case of the letters to use in a sentence.
  • You need to teach him how to write his full name in English with correct spellings.
  • He should have a clear concept about the basic punctuation marks which he should use in a sentence.
  • The child should be able to understand the basic instructions for being silent, going for recess, bringing the homework, etc.
  • He should have the potential to spell the basic words like ball, tree, cat, do, etc. in a correct manner.
  • The child should have knowledge about phonics. (letters and sounds)
  • Make sure that your kid can solve the simple worksheets easily.
  • The kid should have neat and legible handwriting which the teachers can read.
  • He should have basic knowledge about tense so that they can frame common sentences while communicating.
  • He should have the potential to catch the things which are taught at school. He should be attentive and have the ability to concentrate on his class without getting deflected. As a parent, you need to make sure that your kid inculcates these habits.
  • Above all, your kid must be prepared to converse with his teachers and classmates when required. He should have all the basic values inculcated in him so that he can put up a proper classroom behavior.

These were the basic things which you need to ensure teaching all of these positively when you prepare your child for primary school.

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