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Get Rid Of Termite Eggs As Soon As Possible To Avoid Any Further Damage


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You may have noticed that beneath the wooden furniture of your house there is some powdered form of wood. If the furniture is too old or proper maintenance is not done of the furniture then these things are liable to happen. If all the precautionary measures are taken and still you are noticing it then definitely it is the work of the termite. These termites are very harmful to your furniture and will eat up your furniture slowly and gradually which eventually results in damaging your property. So don’t neglect such threats and take the help of the pest control services nearby you.

Know their life cycle and exterminate them in the initial stage

Unlike other pests, termites have a different kind of lifecycle. They don’t go through the simple egg, larva and adult stages but have many processes in between. The queen lays the eggs which may or may not be taken care of by some other supplementary male who wasn’t the queen’s counterpart. Then comes, the larval stage in which further development of the insect takes place. A protective covering is formed all around the insect. This covering not only keeps it safe from the external weather but also give it a perfect atmosphere to grow into any of the three kinds of termites namely, worker, soldier, and the nymph. It cannot be predicted to which form of termite the larva will develop into. This stage is followed by the stage where it becomes an Alate having wings and has the ability to fly. This also is not the last stage of its life cycle. It further sheds its wings in due course of time and this is this stage when it becomes a reproductive termite. It is better to take the help of the professional exterminator to get rid of the termites in the initial stage itself because once they multiply it may become difficult to get them exterminated.

How to identify termite eggs?

There are certain factors that will help you in distinguishing the eggs of the termites. These are as follows:

  • Size- their eggs are very small but not that small there aren’t visible to the naked eyes. There are always found in a bunch
  • Colour- irrespective of the species of the termites, their eggs are generally bit yellowish, off-white, white or transparent in color. They may even look like caviar or something like jelly

Where to find them?

Despite you know how to identify the termite eggs you may find difficulty in locating the bunch as the queen doesn’t lay eggs in areas visible to the humans, instead, they dwell and lay eggs within the furniture or the walls. So you have to specifically look from where the powdered wood came from. Their nest is bound to be near it somewhere. But the subterranean termites dwell and multiply underneath the ground.

In the beginning, the process of producing the eggs by the queen is slow which increases with the due course of time. So according to PestsGuide.com, you must get rid of these pests during their initial stage of development to avoid any kind of damage.  

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