How to Transfer a Domain


Your domain is one of the most important assets of your brand in the digital environment. And, when you need it, know how to transfer domain name ownership in the registry in the correct way will save you a lot of time and effort yours.

In our daily lives, some people register their domains on behalf of another company or person.

In several cases, the story is the same: the domain was registered by the person who in the past developed a website for the company, a friend or relative registered because “knew how to tinker with these things from the internet”.

No matter the reason. The fact is that if your domain is registered in the name of another company or person, you are running a great risk, because in fact you do not legally own the property of your address on the internet!

What does that mean? In general terms, the domain owner has the autonomy to at any time take a site out of the air, direct a site to display content from another site, delete a domain, or assign a domain to another owner. Did you understand?

But enough talk. If your domain is in someone else’s name, then we will give you the step by step to request the transfer of ownership of the domain for you. Get it now..

Is your domain for personal or business use?

This question seems simple, but implies an important decision. If your domain is for use in your company, register the domain at your CNPJ. This makes your business more professional, because if someone queries the ownership of your domain (this information is public on the internet) you will see that the domain is linked to a company.

Now if your domain is for personal use – a blog, for example – then okay, registering the domain in your CPF is more than adequate.

Do not know who is the current owner of your domain name? You can ask advice from the current owner on the register site. Try to contact them through other people. But keep going, the effort will be worth it.

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