Different Colours of Pearls and What they Signify


When we hear the word pearl, we usually imagine spheres of beautiful milky white colour. In fact, the very mention of the word ‘pearl’ will be synonymous with white colour.

However, you may be surprised to know that there are pearls available in many other colours too.

Meaning of Different Pearl colours

Like all other gemstones, pearls too are one of the oldest gemstones that are widely used for jewellery and have attained meaning and symbolism over time. Pink pearl necklace has a different meaning when compared to blue or black pearl.

If you are not too sure which pearl colour that you must choose, then perhaps reading this post may help you.

White pearls

As wedding jewellery white pearls are always preferable. It is ideal for a new bride because white pearls symbolize purity, innocence and beauty. They also symbolize sincerity and peace.

Black pearls

Black pearls can be mysterious, intriguing and eye-catching. Usually, they are not traditional. Black pearls will demonstrate strength, independence, unconventionality and sophistication. It also symbolizes a bold step that is out of norm.

Purple pearls

Purple colour represents royalty, nobility, prestige and class. Also, it symbolizes wisdom, education and creativity. It also has a feminine touch with an aura of sophistication. Purple pearl is eye-catching as it is a rare pearl colour.

Pink pearls

Among the feminine colours, pink will represent romance and softness. Pink pearls or those with very strong pink overtones will be very rare so find.

Blue pearls

Blue pearls represent serenity, calmness, courage and truth among other things. These blue pearls are generally thought to be perfect for those who are going through tough times and also need more courage and strength.

Brown pearls

These brown pearls are often also called as chocolate pearls. Brown pearls are as such a very steady and enduring colour. Usually brown pearls represent stability, dependability and harmony.

Gold pearls

Gold symbolizes wealth, prosperity and class. Gold pearls can be ideal to demonstrate prestige, class and also a touch of high sophistication.

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