Surprising snacks that have health benefits


We all know the usual suspects in the healthy food department. But did you know there are certain foods that seem like junk food which are, in fact, quite healthy?

Here are the top three most surprising snacks to have health benefits:

1). Dark chocolate

Imagine getting healthy while you’re eating chocolate! Dark chocolate is a snack that has been renowned for its health benefits. Countless studies have proven that dark chocolate comes with an extensive variety of beneficial nutrients.

It is known to be a powerful source of antioxidants which is a nutrient that can maintain heart health and lowers risk of infections. Eating dark chocolate can also reduce stress. However, in order to absorb the full benefits of dark chocolate, ensure it’s the all-natural and low-sugar kind, and not one filled with sugar and preservatives like milk chocolate.

 2). Popcorn

This makes going to the movies a hundred times better, right? Not quite. This isn’t the popcorn drenched in butter and salt, which is highly unhealthy. It’s actually plain popcorn that provides a multitude of health benefits. Plain, unflavoured popcorn is loaded with whole grains, fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that strengthen your body. It even has polyphenols which, according to home doctor experts at House Call Doctor, is a nutrient that focuses on the prevention of degenerative diseases such as diabetes and osteoporosis.

3). Peanut Butter

Peanut butter has garnered quite a reputation over the years for being unhealthy. However, the right kind of peanut butter spread is packed with great protein, essential vitamins and minerals, including magnesium and zinc, which aids immunity and various chemical processes inside the body.

Every spoonful even has potassium; a nutrient which aids in decreasing high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease.


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