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Factors to Consider when Choosing Window Treatments


Window coverings are known to provide an air of sophistication and elegance to any home’s décor. There are a variety of options available when you decide to get window coverings for your home. Using them is not just helpful for the décor. Drapes, shades, blinds and shutters can also protect your home from the harsh glare of the sun and shield from other weather conditions. However, you should bear in mind that this can only happen when you choose the right window treatments. The options that are available can cause confusion and make it difficult to select.

If that’s the case for you, here are some factors to consider when choosing between shades, blinds and shutters, amongst other options:

  • Maximize energy efficiency

There are certain types of window treatments that can help you in saving money on your energy bills. For instance, pockets of fabric or cells are used by honeycomb shades for providing insulation for your home. When you opt for these window shades, you can rest assured that they will not let the cold of the winter or the heat of the summer penetrate your home.

Woven wood shades and roller shades are quite effective at blocking the rays of the sun, thus ensuring that your home doesn’t become uncomfortable and stuffy during the hottest time in the day. With these window coverings, it is possible to reduce energy consumption. This doesn’t just lower your cooling and heating costs, but also enables you to create a more comfortable environment.

  • Consider the accessibility of the window

You obviously don’t want a window to be completely inaccessible because it can be used as an escape route in the case of a fire or any other emergency. Opt for window treatments, such as blinds and shutters, which allow you to close and open windows easily. When you are going for shutters, make sure you speak to the company about making them operable. They are usually attached to the window frame and movement may be made difficult. Therefore, it is best to speak to the window treatment company you are using beforehand to avoid problems in the future.

  • Keep the view in mind

Just because you are opting for shades, blinds or shutters, it doesn’t mean that the view has to be obscured completely and block your view. You can find window treatments in a wide array of opacities and shades, which give you the freedom of selecting that’s quite sheer if you want to let in outside light and wish to see out the window. Wood blinds, vertical blinds and other kind of blinds can be easily adjusted to enable you to see out of your window. You can also go with plantation shutters because they can be completely opened, thus giving you full access to the scenic view outside the window.

You just need to consider these factors and think about your budget when you wish to select appropriate window treatments for your home, which not only enhance aesthetics, but also provide security and privacy.

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