6 Awesome Types Of Games You Can Play Online For Free On Your Phone


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The mobile gaming industry is huge. Tens of  thousands of new apps are released in the App Store and Play Store every day, all with the aim of being the next download of fun on your mobile device.

Games are the most popular apps on the market. Ever since the launch of the iPhone, mobile gaming has grown every year. In 2019, you no longer even have to pay to get the best apps.

No matter your interests, there are so many game types that it is not hard to find one you are bound to love.

Here are 6 awesome types of games you can play online for free on your phone.


Puzzle games have been around forever but they have gone through many changes. Apps have largely replaced newspapers; instead of seeing a bus or train full of news readers on your way to work, it seems that everyone is instead glued to their phones.

Generally speaking, puzzles are great for waking up your mind before you jump into your busy schedule. They are also a fun way to relax while on the sofa at home .

If you are fond of crosswords or word searches, you can download apps that let you compete with players around the world or simply race to complete a puzzle faster than your friends. There are many such apps to download that will challenge even the mightiest of puzzlers.

Modern puzzles include games such as Candy Crush Saga, for which you have to remove colored sweets by chaining them up together. As you progress through the game, the requirements to beat the level get tougher.

Card Games

Solitaire, spider solitaire, bridge, Freecell… these are all great games you can play on your phone during your lunch break or while you are drinking coffee at the cafe. Card games can take you in many directions. You can get a quick fix or get lost in it, spending hours trying to beat the game.

One of the best is Mindjolt, an all-in-one application that gives you access to brand new card games as soon as they are released.

All in all, there is a large market for card games, with many being released on the App Store all the time. 


Quizzes are another awesome game type you can play on your phone for free. If you don’t play games that often, this could be one of the better places to start. Test your knowledge against your friends in your favorite topics and see who really knows what they’re talking about. Alternatively, you can pit yourself against players across the world to perhaps become the champion. 

One of the most popular quiz games in the App Store is QuizUp. They have many different categories to try, including some of the most obscure you will ever find. Sign in with your Facebook account and you will be ready to go. 

Buzzfeed also has many quizzes to try, ranging from seeing what Harry Potter House you belong in, to having Buzzfeed guess your favorite band. Head over to their website or Google ‘Buzzfeed quizzes’ and you’ll be quizzing in no time.

Casino Games

If you’re looking for some great entertainment, why not try out a free casino game that you can play on your phone?

Many of the major casino sites now have apps, so head over to the App Store and download some. If they aren’t in the App Store, head over to the casino’s website and play there online. Most casinos have ‘play money’ which can be used to just enjoy the gambling experience.

Facebook also has free casino games to play. Go to the Facebook Gaming section and search for casino games, where you will find a host of games to try, including some you’ve never before played .

If you do want to play for real money, make sure you go to and check out your casino’s latest offers.

Action And Adventure

If you want something a bit more exciting, then action and adventure games are the way to go. Make sure you have sharpened your reflexes and be ready for anything. There are so many action games, from shooters and old-school arcade games to new and exciting worlds to sink into.

The difference between the two is that action games are more fast-paced and have an element of competition, whereas adventure games are more focused on creating an experience and engaging with you. 

In an action game, for example, you could face enemy attacks and obstacles that deplete your character’s health. If you run out of chances to complete the level, the game ends and you have to start again.

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On the other hand, in an adventure game, you are asked to solve a problem or mystery that challenges your brain in a manner similar to puzzle games, but a touch of imagination is thrown in to bring it to life. Some will even let you choose your own path and create your own story based on the actions you take as the game progresses.

Hypercasual Games

Finally, hyper-casual games are perfect when you literally have 5 minutes to play a game on your mobile. There are so many free games to choose from but you will likely be faced with many ads encouraging you to either pay for an ad-free version or an ad for another game entirely.

Nevertheless, if you’re only planning on playing a game for a few minutes anyway, this is the perfect game type for you. They are very fast-paced and you don’t have to put a lot of time into them to have fun and progress.

These types of games tend themselves well to trends in the App Store, mainly because they are so easy to play and have limited functionality. It won’t be difficult to find one that you’ll enjoy. Again, Facebook Gaming is another way you can play these types of games on your phone for free.


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