What to Do During The International 2019


Time for The International 2019 is finally upon us and millions of interested gamers are ready to jump in to the most awaited and most fun Dota 2 tournament of the year. In this article we will mention the most popular activities like betting on The International as well as other things those who are interested in Dota 2 can do during the largest competition of the season.

Watch Entertaining Esports Content

There is no doubt about the fact that esports are the new generation of entertaining content for millennials and the new generation of youth. If for some reason you are not familiar with esports or Dota 2 in particular you are definitely missing out. Dota 2 is a very fun and engaging game to play and watch and The International can basically be called the cream of the crop of Dota 2. Each year thousands of teams all over the world try their best to qualify for this prestigious event. Once they do, they fight for an enormous prize pool that is historically been one of the largest in the entirety of esports. All of this adds up to some really entertaining content and next time you need something to watch maybe give Dota 2 a well deserved chance.

Improve Your Own Dota 2 Skills

There is no better way to learn how to properly play Dota 2 than to watch how real professionals of the craft do it. You can be absolutely confident that the best of the best Dota 2 players will play at The International 2019. With a prize pool as high as $33,000,000 you can also be certain that the players will try as hard as possible to win all the matches. Watching pro players compete at TI9 will allow you to learn great tips and tricks about your favorite heroes as well as enjoy a quality overall hero tutorial in every game. Paying attention to how teams play out their heroes will not only allow you to have fun watching Dota 2 but boost your own skill and become a better player.

Bet on The International 2019

At this point, esports betting is so far integrated into esports themselves that they might as well come as a single package. Bets on The International 2019are by far not an exception. Betting companies usually thrive during the period of this tournament as millions of gamers around the world try to earn some easy money with their calculated predictions. It is true that with proper approach and analysis some people can develop a system that allows to win more or less constantly. However, mindless choices and random predictions can lead to unpleasant results and a loss of money so you should always approach this activity with maximum seriousness and only bet responsively.

All in all, there is a ton of things to do during The International 2019. There is a reason why people are waiting for the whole year just to live through the emotions that the tournament grands to millions around the world. It looks like this year the largest Dota 2 event of the year will be as huge as ever with the record-breaking prize pool and an audience that is likely to exceed all expectations.

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