Top benefits of Hyundai Grand i10


The Hyundai Grand i10, is improved than the previous version. The old version was a big hit, but it lacked a lot in the look and design and special attention has been given to the looks and design of the i10. In fact, Hyundai has worked really hard on the new version to make it a better experience, they have upgraded the engine, safety features, and even the interiors. The Hyundai Grand i10 has the looks, the features, and specifications which makes it the best car in their category.


The Hyundai Grand i10 has worked extremely well on their exterior, from roof rails to wiper both front and rear, and the indicators and reflectors. The door handles looks sleek and stylish and the wheel alignment is really good. It comes in different color variants and every color has a fashionable and stylish look, the finishing is done so well. The exterior has an integrated spoiler on the rear end, which gives an aesthetic to the rear profile of the car, and it also offers aerodynamics. The bumper on the rear reflector provides visibility to the vehicles behind and it is a great way to maintain safety on the road. The Hyundai Grand i10 comes with roof rails, the rails are sporty and stylish. The fog lamps on the front area which is situated on the lower bumper, it is can during fogs for better vision. All the above features make the exterior of the Hyundai Grand i10 one of the most stylish cars in the price range.


The interior comes with back pockets on the seat, the seat adjuster, the cup holders, it is a 5-seater car, the version is quite spacious compared to the previous version. The car has a latest and an upgraded multimedia set-up. The car is also equipped with front windows which work on electrical set-up and latest locking technology. The seats are quite spacious and especially the rear seats have good leg space, the seats are adjustable, all these make it a comfortable ride.

Engine and other specifications

The Hyundai Grand i10 comes in two variant a petrol and a diesel version. The petrol engine will be capable of producing an 83ps at 6000 rpm power. Whereas the diesel engine will produce a max power of 75ps at 4000 rpm. When it comes to gear it will come with two variants a 5-gear manual version and a 4-gear automatic version. The automatic gear will also have an indicator, which will inform about shifting of gear. The car has been equipped with a dual airbag to ensure the safety of the passengers. The car also has an automatic door unlock feature, which will only work if the car senses a heavy jerk due to an accident. It will also be equipped with a system to help the driver in parking, a steering wheel.

The Hyundai Grand i10 is possibly the best car in its category and price range.


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