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Many people take medication without even having proper diagnose and description. Whatever medication of drug you are going you should get yourself diagnose to stay away from the side effects. A large number of population is facing the problem of depression, and this problem is increasing day by day. Not only adults but teenagers are also facing the problem of depression and look for a medication that can help them to treat depression.

Depression can be treated with other ways as well. One can easily get into a happy environment and habitual meditation to avoid the problem of depression. Overthinking and disturb sleep cycle also affect a person’s routine and may lead to depression in many ways. Different drugs respond differently in the human body, and different bodies have their ways of reacting to a drug. Therefore it is important to get a proper prescription and get properly diagnose before consuming any of the medication. For treatment of depression abilify drug is mostly prescribed and it is easily available at the online pharmacy.

Side effects of drugs

Abilify is one of the popular drugs which is used for the treatment of depression. Many people have read the articles about abilify and depression, and therefore they do not go for further investigation and diagnosis before consuming it. One should be careful about the side effects of a drug before consuming it. The drug abilify has minor and major side effects.

Minor side effects: Talking about the minor side effects of abilify drug then it includes nausea, anxiety, feeling of vomiting and there are changes in the appetite of a person. A person feels restless, and there is consistency in a headache and insomnia. Weight gain is also one of the side effects; there are also found cold symptoms like stuffy and runny nose also sore throat, dizziness, and drowsiness, double vision etc.


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