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Selecting A Roller Shutter For Your New Home


Roller shutters are used to protect homes, stores or garage from external threats such as wind, rain or burglary attempts.

Roller shutters are available in various sizes and designs. Selecting a roller shutter for a specific purpose is important and you can only make such a decision by knowing the various types of shutters available.

Just before we dive into the types of roller shutters, let’s check out why you should have roller window shutters installed in your home.

Why You Should Have A Roller Shutter Installed In Your Home

The following are reasons why you should use window shutters:

  • Roller shutters protect your home from the heat and cold throughout summer and winter.
  • It reduces the noise from your surrounding by 50%
  • It gives you control over the amount of light that penetrates into your room.
  • shutters can be installed on your doors, windows or garage.
  • It provides safety during harsh weather like hurricane or wind.
  • They reduce your cost of energy consumption.
  • Roller shutters are available in different sizes.
  • Window shutters are light and can be easily installed without additional pressure on the frames.
  • Shutters are built with different designs.

The above are reasons why you should consider using a roller shutter and selecting the ideal one for your home.

Types Of Roller Shutter

There are different types of shutters, below are few out of them:

  • Built Shutters
  • Manual Shutters
  • Electric shutters
  • Push and Pull Shutters
  • Integrated Shutters
  • Double Walled Shutters
  • Transparent Roller Shutters

Built Shutters

Built shutters are of two types which are:

  • Built-in Shutters
  • Built-on Shutters

Built-on shutters are installed on the exterior region of the front of your building.

Built-in shutters, on the other hand, are built into the horizontal beam above the window.

Manual Shutters

Manual type of shutters can be easily lowered or lifted using a winding handle and they cost between AU$300-725

Electric Shutters

Electric shutters are automated and operated through switches or with remote control. A motor is installed into the shutter which facilitates the movement when controlled. The cost of electric shutters ranges between AU$500-1000 only.

Push and Pull Shutters

Push and pull shutters are best used in stores and garages. They are similar to steel walls and are operated manually, giving additional security against theft.

Integrated Shutters

Windows and roller shutters are combined into a single unit to form an integrated shutter.

Double Walled Shutters

If you live in an environment with a lot of noise which makes you uncomfortable, as a result, the double walled roller shutters should be your choice and they serve as extra security in commercial spaces.

Transparent Shutters

As the name implies, if you still want to retain your view both internally and externally then a transparent shutter should be your choice. Transparent shutters also prevent the sun rays from penetrating into the room to reduce heat which saves you the cost of energy bills.


In selecting a roller shutter, now you have solid information to guide you in choosing the perfect shutters for your home and enjoy its extra benefits for little cost.


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