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With so many types of contraceptives available today, choosing the right birth control for you can be daunting. You need to consider at least a few factors like: Is your priority protecting against STDs? What is the most convenient method in terms of budget? How about its effectiveness? Does the option fit your lifestyle? While only abstinence is 100% certain, you can find suitable birth control options in Jamaica, NY that work best for you.

Birth control options can roughly be sectioned into five groups:

Barrier methods (chemical or physical)

Spermicides (VCF, sponge, foam, gel)

Spermicides comprise of chemicals that kill sperms. They are placed inside the vagina prior to sex. Some types need insertion 30 minutes ahead of time. Unfortunately, their continued use may lead to tissue irritation and increased risks for infections and STDs. For this reason, spermicides are normally used alongside other birth control options.

Condoms (female condom, male condom)

So far, the latex condom is the most classic barrier method. The male condom prevents sperms from entering the woman’s body. It is a plus option because it also protects against most STDs. The female condom includes a thin plastic pouch that lines the vagina. It can be inserted up to 8 hours before sex. It is less effective than the male condom.


The diaphragm entails a rubber dome device that is placed over the cervix before sex. Its use is combined with a spermicide. The effectiveness of a diaphragm is comparable to that of a male condom where failures are reported due to its incorrect use.

Cervical cap

It is similar to a diaphragm, only smaller. The cervical cap fits into position over the cervix, blocking entry into the uterus. It is also used with spermicide. The failure rate for this method increases for women who have had children.

Intrauterine Device (IUD) (Copper and Hormonal)

The IUD is a T-shaped piece of plastic that is placed inside the uterus. Depending on the type, this device can work for as long as a decade. It functions by making it hard for the sperm to fertilize the egg.

Natural methods

  • Fertility awareness method (FAM)

This method involves avoiding sex during a woman’s fertility days. The surest way to do this is through observing changes in mucus and body temperature. However, for effectiveness of this method it is advisable to receive training from a health care professional.

  • Withdrawal

In this case the male partner withdraws his penis from the vagina before ejaculation. It is considered very risky and highly ineffective as a pregnancy prevention method.

Emergency contraception

This birth control option works after sex. It is used in case a woman had not used any birth control or suspects failure of the normal method used. It is commonly referred to as Plan B.

Hormonal methods

  • Progestin-only (Depo-Provera, progestin-only pill)

The most common type of birth control pills utilizes either hormone oestrogen or progestin to halt ovulation. Its success rates are highly dependent in observance of schedule. Just like other hormonal contraceptives, the pill requires a prescription.

The Depo Provera includes a hormonal injection that prevents pregnancy for three months. It is more effective than the birth control pill.

  • Combined hormones (patch, Nuvaring)

This is for those women who have trouble recalling their daily prescription pills. The Ortho Evra patch is worn on the skin and change once every week for three weeks with the fourth week being patch-free. The patch employs a similar concept as that of pills by releasing the same types of hormones.

The Nuvaring defines a soft plastic ring that is worn inside the vagina. The ring releases the same hormones as the pill and patch. It only requires replacement once a month.

Make an appointment online with Choices Women’s Medical Centre or call a Choices’ representative and have a confidential conversation about your birth control options in Jamaica, NY.

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