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The mobile devices are rapidly taking over the business scene on all fronts including marketing, field operations, and workflow management. Therefore, it is hard for any business to ignore the impact of mobile devices. Now, the general business has moved from just a casual case of members of staff bringing their devices to the workplace. The BYOD phenomenon has led to all kinds of innovations with the aim making business operations and workflow management easier.   

Mobile device penetration in the business scene is just part of the whole equation. The development of cloud-based solutions and mobile applications has been bringing innovative ways to use the mobile device to manage workflows. A recent study by Frost and Sullivan showed that over 85 percent of Northern American businesses had one or more mobile apps deployed to the employees. Mobile workflow management is thus the innovative way to harness the power of the mobile technologies in managing the different process in the business workplace.

Mobile devices bring mobility and flexibility
Despite the challenges to do with comparability, security, and deployment, the mobile devices enable teams to access business information and make decisions around the clock. It is also ideal for teams that work out there in the field to monitor operations at the premises and handle workflows on the go.  

Digital landfill  
Essentially, the mobile devices are designed to enable easier and faster access to business information and tools for decision making. However, given the amount of data that generated every day, companies have mountains of data lying at the premises. The key feature to look out for when choosing a platform for mobile workflow management is the ability to access the needed information quickly. The platform should also enable you to manipulate the information to meet your needs. 

The need to differentiate the relevant information from tons of data is vital for speed and efficiency. For example; in a contract that includes several pages, it should be possible to pinpoint the area that required some changes to be made in the contract without making you through several PDF pages looking for the information. 

Security should be a priority 
One of the major challenges that affect the mobile platform is security. Sometimes the problem is not about malicious manipulation of data, but employees are sending the information to other applications through their mobile phones. It is hard to manage the movement of content across different devices as each of the members of staff normally looks for the best way to get the work done. 

The cheaper way to keep the information safe is to secure the content that moves through the mobile platforms. Secured content asks for authentication on the part of the user before accessing the information. If the employee does not have the right details, he or she is denied access.

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