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When looking around all the different website categories or shelves at the store, it can be quite difficult to figure out which exactly is the best vaporizer for you. All the technology and the materials and the cool features keep changing and adding up so fast, who knows anymore what to look for? Five years ago, convection heating was just becoming a thing and before then it had been conduction. This article will give you a couple examples of the latest and greatest in vaporizer technology. Just because a model may feature one or more of these technological aspects doesn’t make it a good one though. There are lots of companies in the world all competing to make these products and some deliver to much higher degrees of success than others.

  1. Temperature control. This is one of those things that was implemented in one vaporizer a few years back, and before you knew it, all of the best vaporizer companies decided to do the same. People love freedom and choice, and that’s exactly what the temperature settings are all about. First of all medical patient benefit greatly from this because they can get the most experimentation done with different strains at different temperatures in the hopes of finding a nice sweet spot of symptom relief. Even for non medical cannabis users, however, the temperature control is great just for getting everything out of your bud but also extracting all the flavor too.

  2. Touch sensors. Only a few of the top dollar brands have begun to use this but it makes for quite an experience. PAX and Firefly implemented touch sensors on their vapes so that they turn on at the touch of your fingers on certain spots, or you can raise the temperature or lower it by the slide of a finger along the side. This is actually a pretty smart move because it lessens the potential electrical complications that could happen with button malfunctions and stuff.

  3. Heat up times. This has to do with the increased efficiency and development of convection heating methods, but vapes are getting to the point of only needing to heat up for 5-20 seconds nowadays. It’s never been easier to get baked.


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