How do Current affairs Quiz help in improving day-to-day knowledge?


Current affairs indicate the daily affairs happening in the world level, state level. It is quite important to acquire knowledge on current affairs as a citizen of the country. The improved knowledge in current affairs and General knowledge will help to participate in any debate, social discussion etc. Knowing the importance of current affairs, all competitive exams keep Current affairs as an inevitable part of its question paper.

The knowledge in current affairs can be achieved by reading daily newspapers, watching TV, watching current affairs quiz, social interaction, social media participation etc. Instead of reading and getting into memory, a conversation like actions will always help to remember all the essential things.

When you are participating in current affairs quiz, typically the options will be given along with a timer. You can discuss with your pair and quickly recognize the right option for the particular question. In case, if you fail to answer, the teams will answer the question where you can get the right answer. There are some tricks to keep the current affairs. Regular group discussion about currents affairs, conducting current affairs 2018 quiz, before the examination, will help immensely to gather a wide knowledge on the subject.

In the state wide competitive exam, current affairs will include the questions based on the state’s culture, population, activities, political etc. So if you are a state competitive exam contender, then prepare your own state’s current affairs, history, geography and civic matters.

We share some of the current affairs of the recent days:

Tata Steel subsidiary acquires 72% stake in Bhushan Steel

Tata Steel through its owned subsidiary BNPL obtained 72.65% controlling stake in Bhushan Steel Ltd for over Rs.36400 crore. Tata Steel made the announcement on May18th, 2018.

Japanese Director Won Cannes’ Top Award;

Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda won the Palme d’Or. Kore-eda, for ‘Manbiki Kazoku’ (Shoplifters). It is the seventh time, the Asian director bagged the coveted trophy.

Russia Unveils World’s 1st Floating Nuclear Power Station

Russia revealed the world’s first floating nuclear power station at a ceremony in the port of Murmansk city where it is loaded with nuclear fuel before heading to eastern Siberia.

Jagriti Yatra bagged charity award in the UK

An Indian Charity, Jagriti Yatra has won an award in London for organizing train journeys to understand and build Indian villages, smaller towns. In its 15-day train journey, 800 km is covered with 400 change makers across every year in India.

Anil Kumar Jha appointed CMD of Coal India Ltd

Anil Kumar is the present CMD of Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd. He will replace acting Chairman Suresh Kumar, IAS who has been holding the additional secretary post at the ministry of coal. Coalfields Ltd is a state-owned company headquartered in Kolkata.

Free treatment for victims of road accident

Gujarat Government came to a decision to take the financial responsibility of the accidents cases within its state limits.

The Gujarat Government will afford up to Rs.50000 for medical treatment for the first 48 hours to the individuals who meet a road accident in the state.


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