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7 Tips on What Information to Put on Your Business Card

Business cards are evergreen means of promoting business. Whether it is to ask for employment or to provide employment, everywhere is the reign of the primitive player: the business card. For your cards to work best for you, it is a necessity that your cards get customized as per your requirements. Professionals from nearly every field require business cards to boost their business. The type of business card may vary from handyman business card to luxury business card. Many professional designers are out there in the market who charge a high amount for transforming your ideas and thoughts into a visual design. Cost is added to these cards when they undergo designing and when there comes the turn of printing. Significant cost reduction can occur when you devolve upon yourself the task of designing. In the following section, you will discover how you can design your business card online. 

There is a variety of software like Photoshop and Illustrator, wherein you can do the designing business. You do not need to be an expert in handling such software. Having just basic knowledge would do the work.

Steps to design your business card

  1. Shape and Size: Before you proceed to give your ideas a tactile appearance in the form of a business card, you must consider the shape and size of the would-be card. If your business has a formal image, experimenting other than standard rectangular shape may backfire at you as it might pique the viewer. When you start a company that is unique and has an informal tone, trying out different patterns may work.

Decide the size of the card. Also, pay attention to minor things like bleed size, trim size, which might destroy your card’s finishing if not handled right.

  1. Ideas: Brainstorm your mind with ideas that you want to put down in your card to distinguish it. Think of aspects like what the fundamental purpose of your card is and who your target audience is.
  2. Layout: Try out different formats in the software to end up getting the best. The back of your card should get utilized to emphasize your purpose and skill. You may print images, slogans, or some tips on the rear.


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