The French Bulldogs and Your Perfect Satisfactions with Them


If you see your Frenchie puppy with these symptoms the best advice to follow is to take your puppy for a brief consultation with a trusted veterinarian reporting everything so that he can start the appropriate treatment. Another particularity of this breed is that they have a flattened snout, being considered brachycephalic dogs, which means that they can have serious breathing problems which require extra care with walks, very hot days and also very cold days.

French Bulldog Price

You will hardly find a French Bulldog puppy for adoption, maybe in adulthood yes there you can find it however in rare cases, but if the idea is to adopt it it is worth trying for the NGOs you find in your city. However, if the dream is to have a French bulldog puppy, the best way is to buy a puppy of course from a responsible breeder who follows all the rules for the dog to have health, original lineage and especially that it is not a breeder that explores dogs for this selling activity.

Generally you will find prices very different from each other, this can determine the quality and responsibility of the breeder. Be aware that this dog requires a lot of care, which will also generate a lot of costs to the breeder and this explains why the price of the French bulldog can be high.

If the price of the French bulldog is too low you may suspect that unfortunately this breeder is not to be trusted and his dogs probably live in deplorable conditions, do not participate in this crime against dogs and look for a quality place.

This information is not a rule you can find a serious breeder with a lower value, the tip is to visit this site to know the conditions, preferably without an appointment more than once so you can have a better idea of ​​how this breeder works. Prepare your pocket the price of the French bulldog can be between R $ 5,000.00 and R $ 14,000.00!

What is the physical condition of a French bulldog?

Considered a small dog, the Frenchie dog despite enjoying walking and playing is not very resistant to long walks and great agitation in his games; his physical condition is quite limited due to his condition as a brachycephalic dog.

We are not saying that he is a weak dog, but that his physical condition has certain limits and that he will not be able to withstand great exercises, especially on very hot days, they require a certain care, as they can present serious breathing problems.

The French bulldog is a brachycephalic dog so it will tire quickly, become short of breath as they do not have a snout that can do the heat exchange, and are also usually quite heavy for their height which is considered short and small.

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