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The announcement of the new release of the new wheel chair accessible vehicle has boomed the automotive industry. This is a car that is built on Honda Pilot Chassis. It is absolutely new that has excellent features for handicap. It is amazing with unobstructed opening of the door. This has a width of about 33.5 inches and 32 inches wide. This has therefore become a game changer in the entire market.

Specially designed vehicle

The new wheelchair accessible SUV is designed in a special manner to outperform the competitors in the automotive industry. This has been designed keeping in mind about the caregiver. The user of wheelchairs usually who travel with a caregiver full time requires this facility. The operating system has been made very easy for the user especially when one utilises the exclusive ramp on stick. This is really an unmatched benefit which is felt by the users.

  • This vehicle features a patented and ultra low with a manual in floor ramp system. it has an astonishing width of 32 inches.
  • This has a low a safe entry as well as exit of even large wheelchairs. This ramp can easily and conveniently stow and deploy from underneath of the floor.
  • This will therefore create an additional space in the interiors. The wheelchair can hence manoeuvre without any difficulty.
  • The manufacturers have made the ramp with high strength alumina alloy. This can support at least load up to 800lbs.

The front seats of wheelchair accessible SUV can be easily removed that creates multiple arrangements for seating. The passengers find themselves very comfortable as there is a large space created to accommodate even two wheel chairs side by side. The towing capacity of the vehicle is about 3500lbs. This is an added option and is considered to be the largest one. This enhances the usage and the capability of being the owner of the SUV.

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