Important of HGH Supplements In Sports And The Truth About Peyton Manning Scandal


Naturally produced human growth hormone is responsible for cell generation, and developing healthy human tissue in the brain and other vital organs. When HGH gets released in the bloodstream, it gets converted into IGF-1. This growth promoting properties reaches everybody cell.

Some kids suffer from HGH deficiency, which can cause delayed puberty or slow hair growth or prominent forehead. Adults show symptoms like hair loss, depression, sexual depression, memory loss, insulin resistance, etc.

Today, HGH supplement use is increased for its performance enhancing and anti-aging properties. Besides improving athletic performance, HGH assists with muscle recovery.

HGH status in sports

HGH doping in sports has always been in limelight. Drug testing results of athletes that displayed doping were banned from the competitions.

Why HGH is banned in sports?

HGH is actually a prescribed medication authorized to use by those having growth hormone deficiency. If it is used as performance enhancer in sport, then it is considered as illegal. HGH supplementation can cause health concerns like acromegaly, type II diabetes, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint pains, edema, and more. Supplementation can hinder the natural secretion of natural GH by pituitary glands, which can result in needing HGH therapy permanently for life.

HGH scandals

Quarterback Peyton Manning of NFL was in his completion of a very successful career. He hit headline news of HGH drug scandal. He is the one, who led his Indianapolis Colts and Broncos team towards winning Super Bowl titles in the year 2007 and 2016. He even won MVP award 5 times. So regardless of doping allegations, Manning made remarkable contribution to football.

HGH is hard to test?

GH occurs naturally in human body, so it is hard to draw a line between natural production and outside interference. Natural HGH level can differ significantly due to factors like nutritional diet, regular exercise, and better sleep. Therefore HGH level in blood even if it is high does not show signs of doping.

Why athletes use HGH?

HGH supplements help to enhance muscle size, which is the main reason sports people prefer it. There is a connection between the size of muscle and strength. During a competition, participants need energy and burst of intense strength. In addition, tired muscles get recovered soon making it possible to train often and harder. It is also favored because it increases the capacity to transport oxygen, thus increasing stamina.

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