Hackers Carry Out A Mass Cyber Crime Activity In Ukraine


Ukraine is facing troublesome situation at this moment where its civil environment is completely shaken up due to the series of cyber attacks. The government has already started investigations, but so far it hasn’t been able to catch a key resource. The individuals and businesses are finding it tough to deal with the current insecure environment.

When did it start?

Cyber attacks have always been there, but the number of cyber attacks taken place during 2016-17 surpassed all the previous records. Recently, when the government officials in Cherkasy area of Ukraine were investigating trails of any cyber attack, they found out that a group of attackers had infected thousands of computers in more than 60 countries and stole information like credit card numbers, bank account details, etc. of many people.

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Right after this attack, the police located hackers’ account from which they had transferred bitcoins worth £8000. Besides, they also came across a message which stated that all the hackers were ready to decrypt the infected computers if the government could pay them a whopping sum of £200,000. This made the entire case very simple and straight forward. However, the experts involved in this investigation believe that it’s an attempt to divert everyone’s attention from the main issue.

According to them, hackers wanted to create a panic situation among the civilians and local businesses. They succeeded in this attempt to a great extent. While talking to media, one of the local businesses in Ukraine, Anastasia Dating Network, claimed that over 500 of its partners got affected by this cyber attack. This is not the only company which has suffered heavy financial and operational loss due to recent hacking attempts. The government has assured that it will take necessary steps to make sure nothing like that happens ever again.

The investigation officers cleared the clear by saying that all those who are behind this activity will be caught soon and put behind bars for a minimum of three years. Further updates about this story will be released soon.

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