How To Set Up a Large, Affordable Camp


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There are many things that must be taken into consideration when planning how to set up a large camp. The first thing is the budget. Large camps can cost several thousands of dollars depending on the type and location or if you have mobile shower trailers. However, there is hope in finding cheap ways on how to set up a large camp.

Rent Tents and Equipment

One thing that you may consider doing is renting your large tents and other equipment. You will be able to find cheap tent rentals at any outdoor store or camping supply store. You may also want to rent some cookware, folding chairs or tables, and other supplies. Even though most stores have sales every now and then, it is usually better to wait until the sale has passed to see if you can save money. You never know, you might find better deals when the tents are on sale.

Find a Good Location

Next, find a good location for your camp. Before setting up your camp, check out your area to find out what are the current weather conditions. It is also important to check the local laws and regulations regarding camping so that you will be able to avoid getting in trouble with the authorities. When you decide on a location, make sure that it will be easily accessible by your family members. If you have enough tents, then you can easily set up camps in different locations.

Think Ahead Again

After determining the ideal location and making necessary preparations, you can now start thinking of what equipment you will need for your future camping experience. Since you have enough tents, you might want to consider buying some of them to prepare for your future camping trips. You might want to find some camp cooking equipment to make things easier for you. Also, it is a good idea to set up laundry or washroom nearby your camp to make everything easier to clean and maintain.


Setting up a large camp is very rewarding. Aside from the fact that you get to enjoy the natural environment at your camp, it will also help you build strong teamwork with your team members. These are only a few tips on how to set up a large camp. With enough time and preparation, you should be able to have a successful large camp experience any time.


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