How to Protect Yourself from Cyber Criminal?


Every three seconds on the Internet one’s identity is stolen. The enormous growth in the popularity of social media, which has become a phenomenon of the digital world in which we live today, has also produced some unpleasant phenomena. Cyber ​​criminals have received some kind of invitations to access a huge amount of personal information that users leave on social media. In particular, this refers to the most popular social networking site in Facebook that has more than a billion users, most of which access to the network every day.Jeffrey I. Reisman Torontowill give you some advice on how to protect your data on the Internet.

Even those who think they are cautious and who care about privacy settings in social media can be the victims of cyber criminals, especially if they allow different applications to access their social profiles.

By publishing data such as location, date of birth and family relationships, you endanger your other accounts such as a bank account and an online storage account.

Here are some tips to help prevent identity theft on the Internet:

Do not publish important personal information on your social profiles:

 Details such as the phone number, address, where your children are going to school, how many years they have, etc., in some way open the door to cyber criminals to learn more things about you. You do not have to accept Facebook for friends of people you do not know about. Also, on your profile, give as little information as possible about yourself and be selective when it comes to the Likes button, in this way you will retain certain privacy, hackers will find it harder to find you.

Check your privacy settings:

For a safer Facebook profile, change your settings to “Just friends” for all messages.

Protect and strengthen your online passwords:

 How good are your passwords and how do you remember them? Many passwords use things they will not forget, such as the date of birth, or the date of birth of children, the names of children, the names of pets, etc. However, such easy-to-remember passwords are in some way the first thing cyber criminals will try to break into your accounts. It would be good if your password is a combination of numbers in upper and lower case.

Use multiple passwords:

You need to use multiple passwords for your online accounts. It turned out that most people use three passwords and the worst possible option is to use only one password, because if all your data is broken, all of your accounts (e-mail, Facebook, etc.) will become unacceptable to cyber criminals.

Check the privacy settings on your phone:

 It’s important to know that by turning off the GPS Location feature, you’re doing a great job of keeping your privacy.

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