Getting Your Oil Changed At a Mooresville Ford Dealership


Owning a car comes with a lot of different responsibilities. You have all the paperwork and insurance that goes along with the territory, but you also have all the general maintenance you need to perform to keep it running well. Regular maintenance can include a range of items from rotating the tires, to checking the various engine fluids. If you are sitting on the fence about getting your oil changed with a professional Mooresville Ford dealership, consider the following advantages to getting it done.

A Job Well Done

One of the best reasons to get your oil changed at a professional dealership is to ensure that the job is correctly done. You want to make sure all the old oil gets removed properly and that your vehicle receives the right amount of the correct oil when refilled. If you are doing it yourself and are new to an oil change, it can be a bit complex. If you are going to a backyard mechanic, you have no way of knowing what kind of training they’ve had or their level of responsibility. They can leave you running your car on too little oil, let you leave without an oil cap or worse.

Simple Oil Disposal

You could decide to change your vehicle’s oil at home. There are people mechanically inclined that do so and claim to save money. There is the problem of disposing of the old oil. Dirty oil can’t get tossed in with your weekly rubbish. Instead, you must take it to the proper disposal areas, and this costs a fee. Getting your oil changed with a professional Mooresville Ford dealership will allow for easy oil disposal among other things.

Maintenance Checks

When you decide to use a professional Mooresville Ford dealership for your oil change you are also choosing to have other critical fluids checked. Most professional oil change shops will check your coolant, windshield washer fluid and transmission fluid just to start. They may also check spark plugs, filters, and tire pressure. Maintaining these systems can help keep your vehicle on the road longer and keep it more reliable. You don’t want to find out you have problems with any of these things while on the road, so be sure to check them regularly.

Better Overall Engine Performance

Most experts recommend getting your oil changed every three to five thousand miles. You need to change it this frequently because oil moves through the engine collecting contaminants and removing them. Once it has collected so much, it becomes sludge and won’t move through your engine as easily. Oil also helps to keep your engine parts lubed so they don’t rub together and become too hot. Keeping your car’s oil fresh can help the parts move more smoothly and keep the engine running longer over all.

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