Everything You Need To Know About Horse Riding


Riding is the perfect sport for those who like horses, it comprises a wide range of tests to be carried out with these animals, such as jumping, racing, dressage, polo, among others. If you want to know a little more about the sport, which is also an Olympic sport, read on!

What Is Equestrianism?

Before explaining everything about the sport in practice, it is essential to understand its theoretical concept. After all, what is equestrianism? This modality refers to the set of sports practices involving horses, among which are the best-known training, jumping, polo, and running.

The equestrian (in this case, jumping competition) is also part of the Modern Pentathlon along with other modalities, such as fencing, swimming, running, and shooting sports. Riding, the act of riding the horse, also appears as part of some equestrian events.

Origin Of Equestrianism

Sports practices with horses exist since Antiquity, however, the rules and main modern competitions began in the year 1883, in the United States. The first time this sport was part of the Olympic Games was in 1900, in Paris, through jumping competitions. After this debut, it returned to the Olympic sports list in 1912, in Stockholm, and never came out.

How To Become An Equestrian Practitioner?

When it comes to official and Olympic competitions, it is best to start early. From the age of two, it is already possible to start riding, evolving to jumps at the age of seven. However, anyone interested in sport as a hobby can start at any age. Understand, below, what it takes to practice.


In general, the most used horse in this type of competition is the English, as it is a great sprinter and a first-rate hurdle jumper. When an English stallion crosses with a mare of the trotting saddle lines, the result is an animal of the French Sela breed.


It’s impossible not to associate elegance with horseback riding. One of the first steps for those who want to dedicate themselves to this modality is to get to know the products available. The clothing has the function of helping the rider to perform movements with perfection and protection.

Among the essential items are the cap (specific riding helmet), riding boots, riding gloves, breeches (specific riding pants), jacket (blazer), and crochet tie in official competitions. After all, equestrians have a lot of styles.

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