Cannabis clones vs seeds – know why seeds are comparitively better


It’s an undeniable fact that the cannabis sector is surging with every tick of time. Numerous growing strategies are coming up and with more states decriminalizing it; this is a venture which seems to witness an upward movement. Now, if you are a lover of cannabis, then your urge to dive into this industry is understandable. But staunchness and hard work are crucial and if you are doing it for the 1st time, it could be a bit too much for you to handle. There are 2 ways to grow cannabis – clones and seeds. But in the race of cannabis clones vs seeds, which one should you go for?

This is a common question. Here is a comprehensive coverage between the 2, which retorts to this query once and for all.Related image

Cannabis clones vs seeds – The better option for you

Let’s start off with clones!

Clones are primarily clippings of a Mother plant which grows into a whole plant itself on proper maintenance. One of the good things about using clones is that you have a clear idea of what you will be getting as a result.

There are called clones for a reason.

Example- if you use a female clone for growing your plant, the grown up plant will directly turn out to be a female.

Using clones is perky if you want to experiment with any distinct breeding technique. With the plant ready to grow without the need of any sprouting of seeds, using cannabis clones is the best way to get hands down experience.

Pros of using clones!

If you have an issue with time, clones are your option. They give you a head start in comparison to seeds. They are already somewhat mature and thus start growing almost immediately. This can be rewarding for you as with the shorter growing span; you can again use it for re-cloning.

So when distinguishing cannabis clones vs seeds¸ these are some of the undeniable positive aspects of using clones.

Moving over to its counterpart- Cannabis seeds!

Despite the doles of clones, connoisseurs will opine using seeds 7 times out of 10. And amongst all the reasons, the one reason for that is the multiplicity in the plant. As you know now, clones don’t give you variety in the plants grown- other than its Mother plant.

When paralleling cannabis clones vs seeds, you get an infinite variety of plants when using the latter. Seeds also are malady free. With clones, you always run the risk of growing a sick Mother plant or a plant with less productivity.

Seeds also present your plant a taproot which is quintessential for its proper growth. With the tap root, your plants will be stronger from its roots. Clones do not have taproots and hence the base is not always strong.

You also get the option of breeding your own seeds by mating two different types of cannabis plants. Plus the leaves of plants resulting from seeds is used for making cannabis smoothies.

These smoothies are usually very tasty and they also host numerous health benefiting components. Doctors recommend their patients suffering from heartaches or body ailments to include cannabis smoothies in their regular diet.

And lastly when distinguishing between cannabis clones vs seeds, the nailing point is that seeds are perfect in every possible way. Your plant grows right from the core as it should do covering all essential aspects.

To cap it off…!

Cannabis clones vs seeds- Don’t stone with seeds. But do grow them- It’s the best way and importantly it’s the natural way. Just a suggestion- before you start off, gain proper knowledge about it. That always helps in simplifying the process.

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