Your basic knowledge before buying French bulldog


Quite eared and with a strong and muscular body, the French bulldog is beautiful in its own way and has a unique appeal. The French bulldog is small, but significant in build with a powerful muscular body. He demands an easy-care. Frenchie likes to play, but he also likes to spend his days relaxing on the couch. French Bulldogs are smart, and training them is easy, as long as you start making training look like a fun game.

This is not an ideal breed to compete in obedience or agility, although some have tried the challenge. If you want an athletic, high-energy dog ​​that can be left alone for long periods, the Frenchie is not the breed for you.

He is very much adaptive –

This is a dog that lavishes love on his human companions as much as he loves to receive the same treatment in return. They can be territorial and possessive with their guardians, especially in the presence of other dogs. Socialization is a must for this breed. French bulldog is a highly alert breed. If a Bulldog barks it is good to go and see what it is about. Any dog can develop hateful levels of barking, a taste for digging and other undesirable behaviors if he is bored, untrained or unsupervised. And any dog ​​can show a certain rebellion during its “adolescence”. In the case of Frenchie dog, the “teenage” years can start at six months and continue until the dog is about two years old.

Curiosities about the French bulldog –

French bulldog is popular with celebrities – Actor Leonardo di Caprio, Lifestyle expert Martha Stewart, Lady Gaga, Eva Longoria, Hilary Duff, Hugh Jack man, and Ashley Olsen. French Bulldogs are not good swimmers and should not have access to swimming pools, tanks or any other type of place with a lot of water. The French bulldog wrinkles on the face come from the English bulldog. Snorting, snoring and grunting, and other strange noises are the specialty of this breed. They also tend to drool and have flatulence.

The French bulldog is considered by many to be the most desired dog breed of the moment. Because of all the particularities of the French bulldog, from conception to birth, the price of the puppies is naturally influenced. Consult only responsible breeders, visit the kennel before making the purchase and ask for all the tests proving the health of the animals.


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