Winstrol Is Safe Option For Female To Maintain Lean And Defined Physique


Women have handful of anabolic steroid options than male for bulking or cutting phase. Fortunately, Winstrol is hot just highly tolerable but very much effective for women. Even at low dosages women respond well to Winstrol.

Qualities of Winstrol

Winstrol is preferred among women bodybuilders and athletes for its two efficient qualities – reduce fat and give lean body mass. Intake of anabolic steroids suppresses the natural testosterone production.

Anabolic steroids are believed to alter the female qualities into virilizing effects like deep voice, body hair growth, irregular menstrual cycle, and enlargement of clitoral. Remember the risk gets alleviated, if Winstrol is used responsibly.

Female using Winstrol experiences side effects MUST discontinue using it instantly. The symptoms will start to diminish slowly but if you are adamant to continue using Winstrol then it can leave permanent damage.

Winstrol for women in bulking

Typically, men blend Winstrol in their cutting cycle to burn the body fat and sustain their gains and harden the muscle. Women use it in bulking cycle because their body responds differently or you can say women are extremely sensitive to steroids. Therefore Winstrol can be more beneficial to women as bulking agent than in men.

A small stimulation positions their body into anabolic overdrive. An ideal atmosphere get built, which is effective for women to get ripped. Their body shape will appear lean, hard, and defined. Moreover, their lean muscle and strength gets preserved, during lack of calorie.

Bulking & cutting dosages

Normally, women can use Winstrol in their bulking and cutting cycle. For bulking the dosage has to be close to maximum milligrams and for cutting it has to be at the bottom.

In cutting cycle, women can use 5 mg daily or 10 mg every next day. Usually, this will serve their purpose well. In bulking cycle, 10 mg daily will go a long way.

Make sure to blend the right kind of exercise and diet alongside Winstrol cycle. Either cycle has to last for maximum 6 weeks. Moreover, women do not need to stack Winstrol like men.

Winstrol results

Dosages of 10 mg daily along with strict diet and workouts can allow women gain 15 pounds lean muscle in 6 weeks. Dosages of 5 mg daily help women burn approximately 5 pounds of body fat in a few weeks. Thus you can see the results of Winstrol doubtlessly speak for themselves. However, it is advised that women monitor their body, while using any kind of anabolic steroid.


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