Which Hardware Distributor Should You Choose?


Each year new companies open and start sorting through hardware distributors to find the right one. The key to deciding on one is to ask the right questions. Here are some questions that can help you pick the right distributor.

Do You Have a Specialty Direction?

Most distributors have a specialty direction, often decided by the staff that started the business. For instance, computer hardware engineers are likely to sell computer hardware. Finding a distributor that matches your specialty is ideal because they can offer appropriate training and understand the industry.

Are You Full Stocking?

You want to look for a company that keeps a healthy amount of inventory in stock. This ensures that you know you can get hardware when you need it.

Do You Provide Training?

Look for a distributor that offers training. This should be tailored specifically for manufacturers. Additionally, if you build a relationship with a company that offers training, you won’t have to go far to earn and renew the necessary certifications.

Are You Regional or National?

You want a national distributor. Going with a smaller company could impact your supply chain.

What Products Are Growing for You?

You need to know what products are popular with the company that you choose. This is because this is what they will be focusing on. If you need something that is declining in popularity, the distributor could drop that from their offerings.

What Is Your View on Distributor Merges?

Mergers happen all the time in the business world. Look for someone willing to consider mergers, since this could be a good opportunity for your company as well.

Choosing the right distributor is a crucial aspect of starting a business. If you are looking for one, be sure to ask these questions to determine whether a specific distributor will be a good fit for you.

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