What Are the Characteristics of A Japanese Akoya Pearls?


Japanese Akoya pearls describe all types of cultured Akoya pearls. These pearls are grown in China, Vietnam, Australia and South Korea. Let us know more about the method of cultivation and characteristics of Akoya pearl in detail.

Cultivation of Akoya Pearl

Pearl producers grow akoya pearls inside a Pinctada genus’s bivalve mollusk. The basic species used for cultivation of this pearl is the “Pinctada fucata” and the Pinctada chemnizti. Presently, most of the producers of Akoya pearl in China and Japan grow it with the hybridization of both the species. is the most reputed online dealer of superior quality Japanese Akoya Pearls.

Characteristics of Japanese Akoya Pearls

  • These pearls produce small sizes cultured pearls as compared to the other saltwater mollusks like the Pinctada margaritafera, and the Pinctada maxima.
  • The size of the pearl ranges between 2mm to 11 mm. The commonest sizes of this pearl fall within the range of 6 to 8 mm.
  • Most of the Akoya pearls are made into classic white colored strands, which graduate a little by half-millimeter increase.
  • As Akoya pearls are “bead nucleated” and their culturing time seldom exceeds 2 years, the nacre that covers the nucleus is thin when compared to other types of saltwater cultured pearls.
  • In the warmer months, the deposition of nacre is found to be at the peak level, but in winter season, the rate of metabolism of this pearl oyster reduces and the deposition slows down considerably. A short period just after the winter season is regarded as the best time for the cultivation of Akoya pearls. This is due to the slowed down deposition rate that often leads to tighter, glossier and even 3D luster.

What are the different factors that determine the value of an Akoya Pearl?

The value of each strand of Japanese Akoya pearls is shown by its 6 quality attributes.


Typical size is between 2 to 11 mm, and the commonest sizes are between 6 mm and 8 mm. large size Akoya pearls have more value.


Oysters of Akoya pearls are joined with small and perfectly spherical beads that make these pearls are completely round.


Akoya pearls are commonly found in white color with a little silver or rose overtone.


Japan has been considered as the undisputed producer of best quality Akoya pearls. Akoya pearls from Japan are known for their classic quality and grace. With all the above information, you can easily determine the best quality Akoya pearl.

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