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Nobody thinks about taking a chance when the things are related to little ones. Even selection of a single piece of towel requires an arduous buying procedure. You know well the value of your newborn and feel overwhelmed while picking his/her first towel. Instead of over-considering each and every type of towel, follow the guideline and make your buying simple and result-oriented. There is mothercare promo code to get all the necessary stuff for newborn at reasonable price.


You may select the towel on the basis of its comfort, brand and color. You are recommended to consider the weather as well. In UAE, the weather remains hot most of the year, therefore, select a cotton towel as the material is highly comfortable and allows air to pass easily.

Avoid Scents

The fragrances and scents should not be purchased for babies. They do not have enough stamina to stand with the strong fragrance. Moreover, their skin is highly sensitive and get allergic to chemicals, used in the fragrance. There are towel brands that promote the perfumed towels are not dangerous for the babies. Instead of relying on the towel brand, it is better to avoid using such stuff. Receive mothercare promo code and order for a scentless soft towel for your sweetheart.

Towel’s Material

It is challenging to find out the suitable material. You may find materials that are warm but the texture is too rough to use. There are some soft towels that are not well-aborbent. Always try to choose flannel and cotton towels. Nylon towels are also acceptable. If you do not want to compromise on towel’s quality, search for the towels having thick cotton material.

As you have confirmed the cotton material, now make the selection more appropriate by picking the combed cotton. There are cotton towels that are low in quality and become rough after the first wash. It is the reason, the crumped towel is as hard as a sandpaper to newborn’s skin. No need to discuss the abrasion due to rubbing the rough towel. The combed cotton material maintains its softness even if it is used and washed frequently. Furthermore, the soft cotton thread keeps the child relax when the towel is being rubbed against the skin.

Fast Absorbent

As far as the penetrating quality is concerned, the towel for kids must have the twofold absorbent capability than regular adults’ towels. Babies are sensitive and require drying as fast as possible. In addition, you cannot keep on rubbing the towel again and again. The towel can absorb the water on skin without taking much time and efforts. While choosing the absorbent towel, check its quality through GMS (Gram/ Square Meter) ratings. Each towel has a label that specifies the towel’s GMS ratio. The ratio for babies should be between 600 to 700 GMS.

 Use the mothercare promo code for buying the cartoon characters or animal print based soft and colorful towels that are well absorbent and soft enough to dry the baby skin without any abrasion and rash.


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