Tips to Keep in Mind when Ordering a Wreath


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Sending wreath is a common mode to express your grief and sympathy to the family of a deceased person. Flowers in ancient times were utilized to anoint the deceased and used in their casket. They were also meant to comfort the near and dear ones of the deceased and serve as a reminder of the life spirit. Thus, sending flowers is an amazing way to allow the bereaved to know that you grieve about their loss and think of them. The flowers send a message to celebrate life, offer comfort, condolence to the deceased’s relatives.

However, when you order a wreath online, it is important to consider the faith of the deceased.

The perfect flower arrangement depends on the faith, religion customs and cultural beliefs of the deceased. May be what you have in your culture is not practiced in their religious belief. Hence it is significant to consider it before buying wreath for a funeral. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind with some religious affiliations:

Protestant and Catholic Christians: There isn’t any particular recommendation which you need to consider or avoid. Usually all types of flowers and color along with arrangements are acceptable.

Mormon: Usually all flowers are accepted but do not go for arrangements with crosses.

Jewish: Flowers are not showcased at the funeral home where the procedure is being done, but it is send to the deceased’s home.

Buddhist: All types of flowers as well as flower arrangements are allowed. You don’t have any particular recommendation or style.

Keep your relation with deceased in mind when ordering a wreath online

Different kind of floral arrangements are done considering the familial proximity to the person who died in mind. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Select a casket spray or wreath if the deceased is your family member. You can include swag in the casket lid or go for heart shaped wreaths
  • Select a standing spray or informal flower arrangement if deceased was a member of your extended family.
  • Send wreath, bouquet in a vase or spray if the person was your close friend. You can send the wreath directly to the funeral home or the residence of the deceased.

Consider the color of the flower before you order a wreath online [สั่งพวงหรีดออนไลน์, which is the term in Thai].

When selecting wreath for funeral, it is important to consider flower colors as it may be monitored by deceased’s dear ones.

  • Go for white flowers as it represents reverence and calmness
  • Go for blue flowers as it represents peace and comfort.
  • Do not go for green flowers as it represents health and it may not hold any appropriate importance for this event.
  • Red flowers shouldn’t be offered at Buddhist funeral.

Ordering funeral wreaths is sad task. But, you can simplify it by ordering the best options from an online store.

  1. Select from the range of different kinds of flower given on the site. Choose the one which is appropriate as per your event.
  2. Choose the measure, date and payment and receive status report till it reaches its destination.


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